Studio Policies

Tuition is due at the first lesson of each month. From September – June tuition is a flat monthly amount based on the number of lessons in the academic year; July – August is a flat monthly rate based on the number of lessons in the summer term. Monthly tuition reserves the student’s time in the schedule for the long term, and covers all scheduled lessons, 2 recitals (optional, but strongly encouraged!), and time spent by the teacher outside of the lesson in weekly lesson preparation, long term curriculum planning and repertoire research.

Canceled lessons are not credited or refunded, although every effort will be made to reschedule for cancellations due to weather or illness/emergency. Lessons can be rescheduled as the teacher has openings in the schedule, during “makeup week” (see below), or on designated makeup days during the year (if available; see calendar).

Teacher cancellations that cannot be rescheduled will be deducted from the monthly bill at the hourly rate.

Saturday/Sunday lessons are billed monthly based on teacher/student availability. Canceled Sat/Sun lessons are made up if possible, but tuition is not credited/refunded.

Makeup Week” and makeup days

One full week at the end of the academic year is available to reschedule missed lessons (due to inclement weather, sickness/emergency, or teacher absence) that could not be rescheduled, or for additional lessons billed at the hourly rate.

Certain holidays during the year are also designated potential makeup days (see calendar). If unused, these days may be available for additional lessons, billed hourly.

Makeup week” and makeup days are not available for cancellations for reasons other than inclement weather, sickness/emergency, or teacher absence. Scheduling for all makeup lessons are based on availability and must be discussed and planned in advance.