Studio Policies

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Lessons/classes in the year

July and August lessons are scheduled flexibly, whenever both teacher and student are available: 4 lessons and 1 performance class (5th lesson available in lieu of performance class). Sep – June lessons and classes follow the studio calendar.

There are 43 weeks in the July 2022 – June 2023 year: flexibly scheduled 4 lessons and 1 performance class Jul – Aug (the class may be replaced with a 5th lesson if student cannot make the summer class), and 32 lessons and 6 classes Sep-June.


Tuition is due on the first of each month. From July 2022 – June 2023 tuition is a flat monthly amount based on the number of lessons and classes in the year.

For students opting to skip the Jul-Aug summer term, total tuition is divided by 10 months instead of 12 and the monthly flat rate is therefore higher. (Summer-off students who would like the lower 12-month rate may arrange to make an advance payment, or higher Sep payment. Oct – Jun will then be the 12-month rate.)

First month tuition is pro-rated for students enrolling mid-year.

Monthly tuition reserves the student’s time in the schedule for the long term, and covers all scheduled lessons, semi-monthly performance classes, and time spent by the teacher outside of the lesson in weekly lesson preparation, long term curriculum planning and repertoire research.

Canceled lessons are not credited or refunded, although every effort will be made to reschedule for cancellations due to weather or illness/emergency. Lessons can be rescheduled as the teacher has openings in the schedule, or during four designated “makeup weeks” (see below, and see calendar).

Teacher cancellations that cannot be rescheduled will be deducted from the monthly bill at the hourly rate.

 Makeup Weeks

There are four performance class weeks with no regularly scheduled lessons. Makeup lessons on these weeks are available for lessons missed due to inclement weather/technological difficulties, sickness/emergency, or teacher absence, if such lessons could not otherwise be rescheduled.

Not available for cancellations for reasons other than inclement weather/technological difficulties, sickness/emergency, or teacher absence. Scheduling for all makeup lessons are based on availability and must be discussed and planned in advance.