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My son and daughter always look forward to their lessons with Sarah, then say the time flew by. That is a parent’s dream! Sarah is a gifted and positive teacher who even makes music theory and scales fun. My children love learning new music and can perform confidently. We recommend Sarah wholeheartedly.

 Samantha O.

Our daughter can’t wait for her lesson each week. Sarah goes above and beyond for her students. Whether it is figuring out what is the best way to practice, helping her students choose a piece for competition, or just learning a special song for the fun of it, Sarah makes learning fun and exciting. We are very pleased with how far our daughter has progressed in the 6 years she has been with Sarah.

Heidi K.

“Ms. Sarah” has been my son’s piano teacher for about four years and since he was in 2nd grade. My son had adored his previous (male) piano teacher and we were very concerned when he had to move away. However, after his first lesson with Ms. Sarah, he never looked back again and has always enjoyed lessons, even if on some days he may not have been “in the mood” at first. Ms. Sarah successfully stirred him through the inevitable “I-hate-piano” phase with lots of understanding and gentle coaching, always finding new music that could inspire him. He evolved into a passionate player who loves to perform at every occasion, be it casually in class at school, school talent shows, or just for visitors at home.

The best recommendation can really only come from our son himself and this is what he has to say: “Ms. Sarah is very nice. She never gets upset when I make mistakes and instead helps me to improve. She makes playing the piano a lot of fun! I have great respect for her also because she respects me, too.

Gisela S.

Sarah … has been teaching our oldest daughter since she was 5 (she is now 11). Sarah is not only a very talented pianist, she also has a very effective teaching method unique to every student. Now our youngest daughter (5 years old) just started her lesson with Sarah and we are just amazed by what she has learned already in just few sessions. Both our daughters always look forward to their lessons with Sarah every week. They love practicing and playing piano because Sarah makes it enjoyable and a positive experience in every session.

Mags S.

Sarah Beall has a way of working with my granddaughter that brings her out of her shyness. Sarah is very good at teaching piano without making it appear difficult… thus keeping my granddaughter interested. Sarah has the personality that makes you want to improve to make her proud and has a wonderful technique for helping her students feel at ease. We are very fortunate to have found Ms Sarah Beall.

Donna S.

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