If you (or your child) have always wanted to learn to play the piano, now is the time! Contact me to schedule a trial lesson, whether virtual or in-person, and get started on your musical journey.


The onset of COVID-19 drove me to transfer all of my in-person lessons to a virtual format, and while I was skeptical at first of the effectiveness of this platform, I have been VERY impressed with the results.

I have worked hard to create an effective virtual learning environment, through trial and error working with students to find what works best and what does NOT work, and the results have been more than we had hoped. Some students have been so pleased that they have opted to continue virtual even when is an option.


Our in-person studio is located in Gaithersburg, MD, and is equipped with a new, beautiful 5’3″ grand piano.

Picnic tables and a playground/park (and tennis courts) are within walking distance for families who might want to keep siblings occupied while their student is in lessons, and there are coffee shops minutes away by car.