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Sarah earned her Bachelor of Arts in Music from Thomas Edison University, graduating with the Arnold Fletcher Award. Sarah has studied with Dr. Darryl Gilbert, Dr. John Wickelgren, and Adrienne Sirken and Edna Golandsky of the Golandsky Institute.

She has taught private piano lessons for over a decade, and children’s group classes for many years. Catering teaching style and curriculum to the individual needs of each student, Sarah encourages students to understand, experience and create music, and thrives on helping students achieve their musical goals.

Besides teaching the basics of good technique, note reading, and rhythm, her curriculum incorporates hands-on music theory instruction through improvisation and creativity. Her students play a variety of repertoire suited to develop their musicality and maintain their interest. She loves the challenge of discovering what makes each student “tick,” and figuring out how to best nurture a love of music in each individual.

She enjoys collaborating with other musicians, accompanying at festivals and competitions, and providing music for events in the Maryland area, and loves to arrange and compose. She is a member of the National Guild of Piano Teachers, and students have the option of participating in the many Guild audition categories every year.